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  • Sponsoring HIV (Aids) programs for Redcliff.
  • Donates $5 000.00 during the Matthew Rusike fund raising dinner in support of orphans in Zimbabwe every year .
  • Donated boreholes at various schools, communities in Redcliff and in Chikomba District.
  • Drilling of boreholes in Gwanda, Slialatshani – 2021
  • Donation of equipment worth $5000 for refurbishment of the Gweru Police Camp Clinic – 2022 .
  • Distribution of fuel, protective wear, gloves, masks to Chikomba District Council to distribute to nurses and teachers) – 2021
  • Donation of cabins, bicycles, drums and torches to the Hatfield Neighbourhood watch committee -2022

Glow Fuel Account - How to open an account

1. Client enquiry
2. Issue of quotation
3. Payment
4. Account opening
5. On drawing down of fuel
- Order is raised
- Customer fuels up
- Receives a drawdown voucher
- Account is updated

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