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• Full sponsorship of Rainbow Amateur Netball League in support of the girl child and promoting the development of netball game.

• Full sponsorship of Glow Petroleum Netball team

• Donation of $10 000 to Hwahwa Football Club in 2022

• Full sponsorship of the Glow Petroleum Tug of war teams.

• Sponsorship of the National netball team trip to regional and international safaris.

• Funded the Divaris Makaharis School family fun day in promotion of Sports and Culture 12017)

• Yearly sponsorship of sporting events, education and girl child advocacy campaigns in the Gokwe Area.

Glow Fuel Account - How to open an account

1. Client enquiry
2. Issue of quotation
3. Payment
4. Account opening
5. On drawing down of fuel
- Order is raised
- Customer fuels up
- Receives a drawdown voucher
- Account is updated

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