Frequently Asked Questions

For further enquiries, kindly  send an email to

Diesel, Petrol, Illuminating Paraffin and Lubricants.

5000l in every city/town that has a Glow Petroleum service station.

Yes, for boats only at our service station in Kariba, Andora Harbour.

Cash and bank transfers.

No, we have the Glow Fuel Account that works the same and offers more benefits

Click on Fuel account link for detailed explanation.

Go to the products link and scroll down to find site locations.

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Glow Fuel Account - How to open an account

1. Client enquiry
2. Issue of quotation
3. Payment
4. Account opening
5. On drawing down of fuel
- Order is raised
- Customer fuels up
- Receives a drawdown voucher
- Account is updated

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