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• Yearly sponsorship towards the encouragement and promotion of academic excellence and achievements among Methodist Church in Zimbabwe Schools.
• Financially sponsoring tree planting in Zimbabwe schools in partnership with the Forestry Commission.

• Assisting students from tertiary institutions with places for work related learning.
• Offering school fees to underprivileged students in primary and secondary schools as well as tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe.
• Donating educational books to schools for example Zhenje Primary School (Chivhu) and Torwood Primary Redcliff.
• Construction of a pre-school in the Loreto Area.
• Donations of various items worth $10000 to Capota School for the Blind, M.Hugo School for the Blind and Henry Murray School for the Deaf – 2022

Glow Fuel Account - How to open an account

1. Client enquiry
2. Issue of quotation
3. Payment
4. Account opening
5. On drawing down of fuel
- Order is raised
- Customer fuels up
- Receives a drawdown voucher
- Account is updated

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