Specialising in fuel procurement, distribution and retailing .

Blended and Unleaded Petrol.

High Performance Diesel.


We supply bulk fuel to mining, manufacturing, agriculture, transport, construction and service industry.

Our minimum delivery order quantity is 5 000L within towns that have Glow Petroleum service stations. For bulk deliveries anywhere across the country; minimum of 10 000L and above. Our transport and logistics department can streamline your experience to ensure that your order arrives on time. We strive to ensure that the process of loading, transporting and offloading of fuel is as safe and wasteless as possible. We are here to keep the wheels turning and take you further!


Our Sites are strategically located nationwide to meet all your fuel requirements.We continue to grow and penetrate new markets.

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Glow Fuel Account - How to open an account

1. Client enquiry
2. Issue of quotation
3. Payment
4. Account opening
5. On drawing down of fuel
- Order is raised
- Customer fuels up
- Receives a drawdown voucher
- Account is updated

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